Study Group Sessions

Everyone has experienced that study group session where it ends up being the focus of anything other than the subject you actually want to study. Instead of studying the Insulin types and oral treatments for Diabetes, you end up talking about your family, pets, or something that happened in work. Then, your “study group” eats some food and goes on their way back home. You realize that was a waste of five hours and begin to panic because the test is in two days.

Instead of repeatedly having unsuccessful study groups, here are some tips to really learn your material and help others who are struggling to learn. First, do NOT go to a study group unless you have studied the material yourself. It’s okay to tell your group no and that you should get caught up by yourself, but maybe another time. If you go to a study group knowing nothing, you will leave knowing nothing and be more overwhelmed. You may learn a few key points, but that study session will not allow you to retain the material. Study the subject before going to the study session because you can contribute, clarify, and ask others about struggling concepts. Along with studying, make the groups SMALL! I cannot stress that enough. If you have a group of 8, split it in half. It won’t be the end of the world, if anything you will get more into detail about the material.  So, we went over studying beforehand and size of the study groups, now there should also be variety. Please, do not make a group with people who are only good in the area you know, invite people who may struggle in the area. You help other classmates and actually learn the material better by teaching it and you may also learn more material in a section you struggle with yourself.

I hope this helps!

-Emma, Student Scholar


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