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Attitude is Everything

Have you ever had one of those days where you sleep in past your alarm and just put on whatever clothes are in sight? Then, as you’re rushing to class or work, you end up behind the slowest drivers possible? To top it off, you get there and realize you don’t have half the things you actually need and you feel miserable and just think to yourself that it’s going to be a horrible day. The overthinking and negative outlook makes it the horrible day. I never really understood what people meant when they said “attitude is everything,” but now I do.

Everyone has their own hard times, bad days, or just not enough sleep to handle everything. The most important thing is to not let that one bad thing ruin something good. Instead of sitting there telling yourself you’re going to be miserable, like I have one too many times, think of the positive. I’ve made a paper-cut seem like the end of the world because all I think is the day is going to be miserable. I have learned, and I hope you do too, that a late morning, bad news, or bad experience will not ruin your entire life. Do not carry that misery on your shoulders throughout the day, because really you could have an amazing day and completely forget about the bad.

Your attitude really is everything, because how you feel and think plays the most important role in your perception of things. Please, don’t let a bad day ruin your week or your goals. Get back up and try again, by learning from the mistakes to make it better next time. Keep your head up, you aren’t alone in how you feel, you just have to keep trying.


-Emma, Student Scholar


How to prepare for an internship

Internships are important for many reasons. For instance, they can help you get your foot in the door. They can also lead to positive letters of recommendation, a more impressive resume or a potential job offer.

The first thing you should do is double-check your resume for any spelling errors or inaccuracies. Inaccuracies can make you not get the internship you are applying for so it’s important to correct them. I would recommend that you have someone look over it for you. If you are applying for an internship, you should also make sure that you include information that employers frequently want to know towards the top of the document. Employers often want to know if you have any experience in the field as well as any special knowledge you may have.

Experience doesn’t have to be work experience it can be clubs you’ve joined, or projects you did in your major. Internship seeking students should try to determine what firms may interest them or are the most consistent with their planned career path. If you don’t know where to look, I would suggest the CCBC Online Job Board (link at the end of the article).

Next, you should try to get your internship application in on time. Also, it is a good thing to remember that employers often receive dozens and sometime hundreds and thousands of applications for their internship positions so making a good impression is really important.

If you get an interview for the internship, you should dress conservatively and be on time to the interview. You should consider asking the employer questions because it shows that you are interested in the position and job. Also, you should be prepared to answer questions like what do you want to do with your life? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? and Why did you choose the major you are in?

You should also exercise flexibility. Interns assigned tasks may vary so they should say that they are willing to do grunt work and be flexible based on the company’s needs.

Finally, you should ask if you can get a full-time position because it conveys your interest to join the company on a permanent basis. It also gives the employer more heads up to consider the possibility of hiring you.


Link to CCBC Online Job Board: http://www.ccbc.edu/internships

-Cassandra , Student Scholar