Stress Management

Let’s face it – as a college student, you’re going to be under a lot of stress. Whether it’s because you’re trying to balance a family, a job, and school, or just because you have a big project coming up, college students are always stressing about something. Stress is actually detrimental to your health, and keeping it under control is very important. Being overly stressed can limit your performance in everyday activities, including your job or schoolwork. But how do you manage the stress you’re under?

Whenever I’m stressed, I take a few minutes and just chill. My mind goes into overdrive, and I start stressing about how stressed I am because I know the stress isn’t good for me. But I take it slow, and write down everything that I need to do, in a list. That way I have some structure and I know exactly what’s going on. Sometimes I’ll listen to music and sing along (horribly) because music makes me feel better. Other times, if it’s warm outside, I’ll go outside and go for a walk for a half hour or so. It clears my head and enables me to think more rationally again. Sometimes even taking a short break from my work to play a video game or browse social media helps.

I find that carrying a planner that has everything I need to get done every day really helps keep my stress levels under control. It’s so stressful trying to remember everything I have to do, and writing it down ensures that I’ll never forget, which would lead to more stress once I realized I forgot to do an assignment. But overall, just taking a break and relaxing for a little bit is the best way for me to manage my stress.


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