Test Talk

We all think about the test that is next week and how everyone else has been saying either they haven’t studied at all or have studied for hours on end. Meanwhile, in your mind, you know you understand MOST of the material, have kept up in class, and at least reviewed notes throughout the weeks leading up to the test. However, all the conversations about the test gets you anxious and then there’s that one person who brings up a random fact, that you didn’t know, and just freaks you out and overwhelms you.

STOP listening to other people. As I’ve said before, if you want to have a study group, study on your own first and go off your own notes. If you don’t understand something, clarify the material with the instructor first. Gather your notes, maybe even videos to explain the material, and then set aside a specific amount of time to study. If you say, “I’m going to study at 8,” study at 8. Do not let yourself slip into the habit of thinking “what’s another hour” or “I’ll start tomorrow.”

Also, there actually is such a thing as over-studying. You know the material, you know what you need to know for the test, do not let other people’s conversations cause you to overthink. Over-studying will hurt your grade because your brain is overwhelmed and fried before you’re even given the test. A sleepless night before a test does lower your grade, trust me I’ve done it before. Please, get to bed on time, if you have been reviewing and studying weekly, you will be fine on the test. Do not listen to other people talk about the test, keep to yourself or your small study group.

-Emma, Student Scholar


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